Establishing an LLC in the US Step by Step

Deciding to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is an exciting time and there are so many possibilities and options available. The main reason small business owners decide to set up an LLC is due to the liability protection it provides. An LLC exists separately from its owners (known as members), and the owners are therefore not personally responsible for business debts. 

Taking things one step at a time and understanding how to properly establish an LLC will be a great investment into your new project. Being fully aware of regulations to properly start a business will keep you on track and allow you to make the best decisions possible. In summary the steps to establish an LLC and have it ready to start the business are listed below. 

STEP 1: Choose State for Registration 

STEP 2: Choose Name for LLC

STEP 3: Choose Business Location 

STEP 4: Choose a Register Agent

STEP 5: Choose your business activity

STEP 6: Register with State 

STEP 7: Choose Taxation Structure and EIN 

STEP 8: Prepare Operating Agreement 

STEP 9: Open Bank Account 

STEP 10: Obtain Required State, City & County Licenses 

You are now ready to Being Business!!

Establishing a Business Entity in the US is fast and simple. However, tax and state law complications can occur just as fast. For this we suggest you always consult with a tax professional and business lawyer to assure that you are in compliance with taxation regulations and state laws to avoid any unexpected drawbacks.  


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